Collect 'em, trade 'em, hide 'em from your family.



  • Gooch Island

    Once a utopia, Gooch Island has fallen, and all CryptoDickbutts had to evacuate. Since that sad day, a core part of the DAOs mission has been to purchase a physical and digital island they can again call home.

  • Profits to DAO

    100% of profits from this merch store will go towards our DAO's treasury. Each time you buy something, be it a coffee cup or t-shirt, you add invaluable ETH to our war chest and help us move a little closer to making the dream that is Gooch Island come true.

  • 1D1B

    It is simple math - a universal constant akin to gravity itself. All CryptoDickbutts equal one dick (1D) and one butt (1B). Nothing more, nothing less.

Custom Merch

Be it the OGs or S3 collections, we all have a favourite CDB. Now you can wear your heart on your sleeve (literally) by having it printed on a T-Shirt or framed on a wall to forever celebrate and bask in its magnificence.